Preventative Maintenance

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Powder Rooms, House Extensions and Outdoor Showers.

The team at Proficient Plumbing and Gas will meet with you and go over your ideas on all your renovation needs, can help with any questions you may have and can also provide an estimated time frame for the completion of the renovation. We can also run through any plumbing fixtures you may be interested in and whether they would be applicable in the space you have in mind.

Our supplier Reece also have a unique 3D Bathroom Planning program that’s free to the public that we would be happy to sit down and go through to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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Drain Clearing Services in Perth

Your Local Perth Drain Specialists

Common causes = Roots, hair, grease, food, waste, foreign objects, incorrect installations, change of seasons.

Proficient Plumbing and Gas is equipped with the top of the range drain cleaning equipment to clear blocked pipes and drains.
If there is an ongoing problem, alternative solutions will be provided for re installation of drains to minimize the ongoing costly blockages.
Helping to locate the source
In most drain and pipe blockage situations there is often a cause of the blockages. At Proficient Plumbing and Gas we don’t just remove the blockage we also
look into what’s causing the problem and implementing measures to prevent it from happening again.

Hydro Jet Drain Clearing

High-pressure water jetting is the most efficient way to clear a blocked drain, which saves you precious time and money.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Our CCTV drain camera technology is the absolute best on the market and can quickly tell us exactly where the problems are in your drainage system.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Survey

Get a peace of mind with a detailed report of your plumbing system before making a purchase of a residential or commercial property.

Preventative Maintenance

Clearing a partially blocked drain can be much less expensive than having to deal with a total drain blockage and messy clean up.